The SeedFi Difference

We built SeedFi to give the 100 million Americans living paycheck to paycheck a way to grow their money. For the average person, traditional loans and financial tools can come with a high cost — if they’re an option at all. Our plan works differently.

We win when
you win.

Build Credit

SeedFi's credit builder plans help you build credit with affordable payments.¹

Build Savings

SeedFi wants to leave you better off. We’ve created our plan to help you grow your savings.

Lower Cost

The Seedfi plan is generally less expensive than comparable alternatives.2
Eric Burton
SeedFi Cofounder
"SeedFi was born out of my own personal experiences: growing up in a low income family, seeing my parents fight to keep the lights on and food on the table, barely making ends meet while putting myself through college, and struggling to improve my own bad credit score. After getting out of debt, building my savings, and working in the credit industry for over ten years, SeedFi is the solution I always wanted for these problems.”

“We created this company not to make money, but because we really wanted to build something that helps people”