Rates & Terms

Pricing info for SeedFi plans.

Borrow & Grow Plan Rates and Terms1 (First-Time Borrowers)
You access now2
$300 - $4,000
Savings for later
$1,250 - $4,500
Total loan amount
$1,750 - $8,000
12.96% - 29.99%
Finance charge
$241 - $4,210
$50 - $185
Every 2 weeks
10 - 48

1 Ranges for payment amounts and term lengths reflect bi-weekly payment schedules. Payment schedules are matched to customers' paycheck cycles, with most of SeedFi's Borrow & Grow Plan customers paying bi-weekly. Monthly payments are double.

2 Part of your loan is accessible immediately. The rest is deposited into a SeedFi Savings Account and available upon payoff.

Example Plan with Access to $3,500
You access now
Savings for later
Loan amount
Savings + Accessed now
Every 2 weeks
Plan length
Plans offered through partnership programs may have different terms.
Credit Builder Installment Edition Rates and Terms
Credit Builder Installment Editions are $500 with the entire loan amount locked in your SeedFi Savings Account until you repay in full. The repayment periods of Credit Builder Installment Editions range from 7 months to 27 months. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranges from 4.03% to 5.26%. There are no origination fees.
Credit Builder Installment Editions obtained through special promotions and partnerships may have different rates and terms.

You can keep your fees!

We don’t want ‘em!

At SeedFi, we truly want to leave you better off, so we eliminated most fees.
Our Credit Builder Installment Editions have a $1 per month fee and nothing else!
Our Borrow & Grow Plans have late fees... but we actually deposit these fees into your SeedFi Savings Account, and you get them back when you repay the loan! I know! We’re excited about it too!
Application fee
Early repayment fee
Annual fee
Phone payment fee
Origination fee
Late fee - You keep it!
$0 - $15
When you pay a late fee, we give it right back to you. We deposit the amount to your SeedFi Savings Account so it gets returned to you when you repay your loan.
Terms and Conditions
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