Credit Builder
Installment Edition

The financial system works against you. Traditionally, you need a loan or credit card to build good credit, but you can’t get them unless you already have good credit.

A Credit Builder Installment Edition is your way up!

You don’t need good credit — or any credit — to get a Credit Builder Installment Edition.

Build credit in 3 easy steps
Set aside as little as $10 every paycheck for your plan.
Build credit with every on-time plan payment.1
Access your savings once you’ve completed your plan.
Under the hood
All plans are special loans where the full amount gets locked in your SeedFi Savings Account when you’re approved.3
Your plan payments are actually loan payments that will be reported to the credit bureaus.
We unlock your savings and give you access to your money when your loan is paid off in full.

What You Get
in your SeedFi Savings Account ready to access once you make your final payment
and an opportunity to build credit
+45 points
average credit score increase with on-time payments
☝️ FACT️:
SeedFi customers with less than 3 credit accounts saw an average score increase of 45 points after 6 months of on-time payments! 2

What It Costs
payment per paycheck
$1 or FREE with referral
cost per month4
(included in payment above)
No other fees

Example Plan
Savings for later
You access now
Loan amount
Locked in savings
Every 2 weeks
Total cost
$1 per month
Plan length
See footnote for full terms5

“SeedFi helped me during a rough time... I saw an opportunity to grow and have possible benefits for the future.”
Dallas, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.
“Once I unlock my savings, I'm going to keep it saved! The knowledge that I have a safety net if I need it provides so much peace of mind!”
Lubbock, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.
“I am going to use my SeedFi savings to add to my down payment for a house!”
Dallas, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.

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