Borrow & Grow

Traditional loans are a short-term solution that often create a long-term problem. Our Borrow & Grow Plan is a lower-interest loan with a built-in savings account, so you’re set up for a better future as soon as you pay it off.

Access up to $4,000 for less!1

Checking your offer will not harm your credit score.2

How it works

Borrow and save in 3 easy steps
Borrow the money you need today plus some extra savings for later.
Build positive payment history with every on-time plan payment.
When you finish paying off your loan, you’ll owe $0 and unlock your savings!
Under the hood
All plans are special loans where you access some money now and the rest gets locked in your SeedFi Savings Account.3
Your plan payments are actually loan payments that will be reported to the credit bureaus.
We unlock your savings and give you access to the rest of your money when your loan is paid off in full.

What You Get
in immediate cash in your bank account
in savings waiting for you to finish paying off your loan

What It Costs
Annual percentage rate
Payment every two weeks or twice a month. Monthly payments are double. Payment schedules are matched to your paycheck schedule.

Example Plan with Access to $3,500
You access now
Savings for later
Loan amount
Savings + Accessed now
Every 2 weeks
Plan length
See footnote for full terms 4

“SeedFi helped me pay off some credit card debt and only have one payment to worry about. The process was very quick and easy. I had money the next day.”
Baytown, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.
“I was lucky to find SeedFi. During the pandemic my hours were cut and I started to pile up some debt. They were quick to get me the money I needed.”
Garland, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.
“I looked at different places, I compared rates... SeedFi provided the best program."
Spring, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.
“SeedFi was really easy and real quick to work with. Once you finish paying it off you get your savings and that’s a win-win for me.”
Galena Park, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.
“During the dark times of the pandemic SeedFi helped me get back on my feet when my hours were cut. Now I will use my new savings to invest in my future!”
Murray, UT
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.

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