Credit Builder

The financial system works against you. Traditionally, you need a loan or credit card to build good credit, but you can’t get them unless you already have good credit.

A Credit Builder Plan is your way up!

You don’t need good credit — or any credit — to get a Credit Builder Plan.

How it works

Build credit in 3 easy steps
Set aside as little as $10 every paycheck for your plan.
Build credit with every on-time plan payment.1
Access your savings once you’ve completed your plan.
Under the hood
All plans are special loans where the full amount gets locked in your SeedFi Savings Account when you’re approved.3
Your plan payments are actually loan payments that will be reported to the credit bureaus.
We unlock your savings and give you access to your money when your loan is paid off in full.

What You Get+
in your SeedFi Savings Account ready to access once you make your final payment
+44 points
credit score increase with on-time payments2
☝️ FACT️:
73% of SeedFi customers who made 6 months of on-time payments saw an average score increase of 44 points!

What It Costs
payment per paycheck
cost per month
(included in payment above)
No other fees

Example Plan
Savings for later
You access now
Loan amount$500
Finance charge$0
Number of Payments25
Every 2 weeks

“SeedFi helped me during a rough time... I saw an opportunity to grow and have possible benefits for the future.”
Dallas, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.
“Once I unlock my savings, I'm going to keep it saved! The knowledge that I have a safety net if I need it provides so much peace of mind!”
Lubbock, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.
“I am going to use my SeedFi savings to add to my down payment for a house!”
Dallas, TX
Customer was compensated for sharing their experience.

Popular Questions

Can I cancel my Credit Builder Plan at any time?+

Sometimes the unexpected happens, finances get tighter, and you might need to use the money you set aside to repay this loan. We do allow you to cancel your Credit Builder Plan prior to the date the first payment is due, which is at least two weeks from the day you sign the loan agreement, if you haven’t yet made a payment of any amount. In order to cancel your plan, please call us or email our support team.

You can always re-apply for another SeedFi loan at any time. We're here to help, and we're just a phone call away.

How can I get money now in addition to savings?+

We have a way! 🥳 If you are looking to cover an expense and need some money that you can use right away, the Borrow & Grow Plan may be just what you are looking for. It allows you to access money now while also putting some money away in your SeedFi Savings Account. You build credit with every on-time payment, and, when you pay off your loan, your SeedFi Savings Account is unlocked.

Is my credit score guaranteed to go up with a Credit Builder Plan?+

We wish it was! Unfortunately, everyone’s credit profile is different and we cannot guarantee that you will see a credit score increase.

Credit bureaus calculate credit scores by using formulas that consider many factors. SeedFi cannot promise that taking out a Credit Builder Plan will increase your credit score because of the potential effects of all the factors, including whether you make all your loan payments on time, your performance on your other credit accounts, and how long your credit accounts have been open. However, payment history is an important component of your credit score and taking out a Credit Builder Plan gives you the opportunity to add more on-time payments to your credit profile! 🤓

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